2014 Donors

Last year we had ?? donors raise more than $??.
This year we are hoping for a 10% increase in both donors and funds raised; ?? donors and $??.

Progress towards this year’s goals
__(Name this Level!) ($3500+)

__(Name this Level!) ($3499-$3000)

(Devil’s Island Tiki Organization) ($2500-2999)

the This Period Intentionally Omitted level (Named by Joseph McCaskill) ($2499-$2000)

Bovine Benefactor (Named by Sean Caulfield) ($1999-$1500)

Golden Cogwheel(Named by Michael G H and Anon.1) ($1499-$1000)

Grand Happy Monkey ($999-500)

Golden Frog Patron ($499-$300)

Squid Benefactor ($299-$200)
Cliff Edmisten
Heather Edmisten
Ben Phillips

Fighting Force Ninja ($199-$100)
Marion Baggett
Lee Hall
John Statham
Paul Travis
Geoffrey Emmer
Jesse Scherer
Louis Stavrides
Sean Caulfield
Chirley Quillian
Ann Moorman
Chris Tang
Les Wilheilm
James Robert King III
Rebecca Howie
Jonathan Chaffin

Aloomnis ($99-$20)

P-Points Donor

(Modest? Shy? You can always request that your donation be listed as “Anonymous”)

Special Thanks:

To all the actives and alumni who make this such a worthwhile fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.

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