Brother: Honorary and 70’s

Name Home Chapter GT Initiation
A. Leigh Baier Delta Delta ’63 1970
Thomas L. Aldrich Epsilon Omega ’70 1970
Charles M. Hall Nu Alpha ’71 1990
John Larkin Gamma Tau ’99 1999
Henry A. Strickland Gamma Tau ’02 Jan 2002
Joseph McCaskill Chi Delta ’00, Gamma Tau ’03 Jan 03
Immediately after the chapter installation Thomas L. Aldrich, Epsilon Omega ’70, and A. Leigh Baier, Delta Delta ’63, were elected honorary Brothers ofthe Gamma Tau. (Reported in the 1972 Convention Report) They were instrumental in setting up the chapter.
Class of 1972
Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
John B. Holstun
Frank H. Vogler, Jr. Founder
Class of 1973
Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Marion C. Baggett Mom Founder BSEE ’73
MSEE ’74
Russell M. Crawford Founder
Ernest M. Dixon Founder
C. Edward Graydon Eddie Founder B ISyE ’73
MSIM ’75
Mize Johnson, Jr
Phillip C. Jones
J. William Navolis Founder ESM
Ernest G. Ovitz III Phi Founder
A. William Powell III FOF Founder
Mark T. Poweski Founder
Robert A. Raines Founder
Edward R. Thompson Founder
Class of 1974
Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Thomas M. Hedges
Thomas E. Tuten Rootin’ Tootin’ Founder
John C. Williams Founder
Cornelius W. Bramlett, III
Class of 1975
Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Mark T. Bulloch
David A. Harden
Stephen L. King
John C. White J.C. Founder
Ernest Ovitz
B Arch ’75
M Arch ’79
M City Pl. ’79
Class of 1976
Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Thomas W. Barnes III
William P. McBride
Cordell E. Prater
Walter E. Stuenkel
Class of 1977
Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Daniel S. Dlugosz Duke HPS
Steven A. Kosmala Kozzy IM
Michael J. Polston Squeety IM
Logan Von Leigh, Jr
Timothy M. Zukas
Class of 1978
Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Joseph DiNunno Chico n/a IE
C. Henry Hoeft Hanker IM
Michael C. Lutrario
G. Richard Moon, Jr Ricky
Michael T. Verbanic Voibs
Thomas P. Wheeler Wheels
Class of 1979
Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Kevin C. Boteler Bottles
Kam A. Chanathasensack
David R. Furlong Fur Baby
Wade W. Howell Slade
James B. Jones J.J.
Steven J. Muldoon Tootie EE
Stephen L. Peet Speet

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