Psi U Gamma Tau Veterans

Name Service: Status: Joined: MOS: Rank: Duty Stations and Units: Combat Tours: In their own words:
SPC Duncan Brennan Army Active Duty 30 Mar 2004 13B (Cannon Crew Member) SPC Fort Sill, OK A BTRY 1st BN 40th FA (training) Basic Training and AIT April 2004-August 2004
Fort Campbell, KY B BTRY 4TH BN 320TH FA 101ST AIRBORNE DIVISION (Air Assault) August 2004-June 2009
Fort Polk, LA C Co. 4th BN 353rd Regiment (Training) June 2009- present
Operation Iraqi Freedom: November 2005- November 2006

Operation Enduring Freedom: March 2008-March 2009

For those that are interested, my photography from my tour in Iraq can be found at:
Charles Hall Army Retired 1971 Captain I joined the U.S. Army through ROTC – was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in 1971 and went on Active Duty in the fall of 1971All of my service was at Ft. Bliss Texas (El Paso) where I was learning how
to be an Air Defense Artillery Officer –

By the fall of 1971, the Army had enough officers (a 14,000 officer surplus)
since Nixon was winding down Vietnam, so after my training stint at Fort
Bliss – I was released to the reserves in 1972 and finally discharged in
1979 with the rank of Captain.

When I joined, Vietnam was very much on my mind and like a lot of men in college at the time, I expected to be drafted, if I didn’t volunteer.

Had the Army wanted me to stay in, I would have been sent to Korea or
Germany, to command men who were expected to shoot down Soviet or North Korean MIGS with a fiberglass missile launching tube called the Redeye.
(that we would even try, much less, actually accomplish that mission still
leaves me almost speechless – I am glad it never actually had to happen).

I am glad I volunteered. I am equally glad I didn’t have to go and get shot

Because I did join the Army – I have a special feeling for anyone who has
ever signed up and served.

Our country asks a lot of young men and women and we owe them a lot.

By all means, put up a list of veterans on a PUSOG list.

Phillip Wharton Army Hon. Discharge 2000 91S Preventive Medicine Specialist e5 Sergeant 325th Med Det, 792nd Med Det, 988th Med Det Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 and 3 (2003 and 2005)
John Whitaker US Army Active 2007 was an 11c- Indirect Fire Infantryman -(mortar man)
now a straight 11b-Infantry man
Specialist Duty Stations and Units: OIF VI Combat Infantry Badge
Ken Crouch Army Active 2003 02B (Cornet or Trumpet Player)/42R (Army Bandsperson) Deployed to Iraq for 15 months
Mike Dasher US Army Nov 94 to Jan 00 96R (Ground Surveillance Systems Operator) – it was a Military Intelligence MOS but it’s obsolete now. UAVs do it better and safer. SGT (E-5) 2d Infantry Division (Korea), 82d Airborne Division (Ft Bragg)
Edward James “Waffle” Rice US Air Force Status: Joined: Intelligence Officer, Foreign Area Officer (Africa) Major Africa The coolest thing I did was organize a sit-down meeting between the Commander of the US operation to send the first African Union peacekeeping troops into Darfur and his counterparts in Nigeria and Rwanda. I had a tiny plane, limited fuel, and a country without diplomatic relations with the US (they just had a military coup) that I had to land in to make it from Nigeria to Rwanda. Thanks to hotmail and a dedicated former employee of the embassy, I made it happen and the peacekeepers arrived without a hitch.

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