2010 Donors

Last year we had 49 donors raise more than $11,677.20.
This year we are hoping for a 10% increase in both donors and funds raised; 54 donors and $12,855.00.

Progress towards this year’s goals
__(Name this Level!) ($3000+)

(to be Named by Anonymous2) ($2500-2999)

the This Period Intentionally Omitted level (Named by Joseph McCaskill) ($2499-$2000)
Joseph “Mad Joe” McCaskill, ΧΔ, ΓΤ (3)

Bovine Benefactor (Named by Sean Caulfield) ($1999-$1500)

Golden Cogwheel(Named by Michael G H and Anon.1) ($1499-$1000)
Sean Caulfield ΓΤ’05 (3)

Grand Happy Monkey ($999-500)
Michael Grosse Huelsewiesche ΓΤ’04 (3)

Golden Frog Patron ($499-$300)
Cliff Edmisten ΓΤ’00 (3)
Justin Melvin ΓΤ’05 (3)

Squid Benefactor ($299-$200)
Larry Fine ΓΤ’02 (2)
Rebecca Howie ΓΤ’03 (3)
Alan Stoll ΓΤ’04 (3)

Fighting Force Ninja ($199-$100)
Tom Culpepper ΓΤ’??
Jessica Frame ΓΤ’03 (3)
Jon D Langeland ΓΤ’02 (3)
Ross Meltz ΓΤ’0? (3)
Jenn Roper ΓΤ’03 (2)
Corey Slate ΓΤ’05 (2)
“K” Woehler ΓΤ’01 (2)
John “QJ” Woehler ΓΤ’03 (2)

Notes: Everyone who donates a total of $100 or more will receive a silver-tone PUSOG lapel pin.
Aloomnis ($99-$20)
Bobby King III ΓΤ’1?
Jeff Kwasha ΓΤ’02
Drew Stevens ΓΤ’?? (?)

P-Points Donor
Chirley Quillian ΓΤ’11 (2)
Jay Zuerndorfer ΓΤ’??

(Modest? Shy? You can always request that your donation be listed as “Anonymous”)

Credit Card Logos

If you would prefer to mail donations please address them:

PUSOG c/o Charles Hall
The Candler Building 127 Peachtree Street, Suite 905
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-1833

Special Thanks:

To all the actives and alumni who make this such a worthwhile fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.

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