96 – Current [831 Techwood Drive]

831 Techwood Dr
Atlanta, GA 30313

Charles Hall writes:

“Tech Foundation came to all fraternities and sororities at Tech in 1993 or 1994 – Bank South had agreed to lend the Fraternity system a bunch of money to be guaranteed by the Foundation to renovate and in some cases construct new houses so that the fraternities and sororities could be used for housing at the Olympic Village – ACOG and Tech were cooperating on the Village – it was at one of the meetings that we were told that the Pi Kappa Phi house would be available for purchase since they were building a new one – 334 10th Street wasn’t going to be part of the Village so the only way we could get in on things would be move – we had been promised the vacant lot next to our current house, but we could never make it work (i.e., money and members) so we took the Pi Kappa Phi deal – as part of the deal, Tech bought 334 10th Street.”

Steve King writes:

“IIRC the chapter bought the current house from Pi Kappa Phi in 1996.”

From the Golden Cogwheel Winter ’94

Submitted by New House Chair Brian Hill

PUSOG and the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity have reached an agreement concerning the purchasing of a new house for Psi Upsilon. In the beginning of March, GOPU agreed to purchase the Pi Kappa Phi for $320 thousand dollars. This agreement came as the Pi Kapps financing deadline for Tech property arrived. The deal between Psi U and the Pi Kapps will be officially closed on in September of this year. PUSOG will rent out the house to the Pi Kapps until they move into the house they are building. They plan to break ground this summer. Next summer (’95), the house will be handed over to us. Otis has estimated renovations will cost around $40- $50 thousand dollars. These renovations will allow us to house the Olympic athletes in ’96. In case you didn’t know, the rent paid by ACOG is what should guarantee a bank loan on this house.

This great news does have a few hang-ups. The price tag of $320 + $50 thousand is no small sum. As I mentioned, we have yet to secure a loan. We need money to do that. If we don’t get a loan, GOPU may end up a research building and a memory. Another major problem is membership. We are planning on moving into a 28 bed house in a little over a year. As rush chair I have all sorts of plans and efforts in the works, but both tasks are fairly formidable.

This is a tremendous time in Psi- U’s history. Not only are we at a crossroads, but we have the unique opportunity to work together to permanently put Psi- U on the map, literally. Both the undergrads and the Alumni need to work together to solve our problems. As Rush Chair, I want to see some Alumni help this fall. We are also trying to put together fundraising projects to help. If you have any ideas, let me know. If you can help, call me @892- 6398 (Brian Hill)

Jonathan “Atari” Chaffin writes:

“For fun, I stopped by the Atlanta history center, intent on dredging
up information on the current fraternity house.
So, on Roll 14.2, Atlanta Building Permits, I found the following
factoids. (I didn’t scan the permit, because frankly, it’s boring

Permit granted May 4, 1967
Estimated Cost $77,523
Permit Cost $155.05
Footing Started 6/13/67
Framing 9/7/67
Completed 5/8/68
Permit # 3852

Built by L.B. Spears & Co. Inco
3078 Piedmont Road NE.
6400 Total Sq Ft
Architect Gregson & Associates

It is interesting to note that Gregson and Associates seems to be the
firm of one Wilfred J. Gregson, 33rd degree mason and founder of The
Society of American Registered Architects.


The Society of American Registered Architects was formed on November
9, 1956 in Atlanta, Georgia by a man who believed that membership in
an architectural profession should be open to anyone who carries an
architectural license regardless of their role in the building and
design industry. With that belief and a strong commitment to the
future of the profession, Wilfred J. Gregson founded SARA. He then set
forth the Credo of the Society as “Architect Helping Architect” which
closely follows the Golden Rule of life.

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