76 – 78 [Eastgate Dorm on 3rd Street]

Joe DiNunno writes:

“The Gamma Tau lived at Eastgate for two years Fall 1976 to Spring 1978.
This was located on 3rd street adjacent to the 3rd street tunnel.
This was a private dorm that sat where the fake Olympic torch sits at the entrance to the third street tunnel.
I think some of it probably sat on what is now 75/85.

For some of our rush events we borrowed a tent from Larry Patrick who ran the dorm so we could do things on campus.  I think we did a couple events on the deck that was just outside our back door there.
I know we later had some parties there when the weather was nice.

75/85 was two lanes in either direction.
We occasionally would play Frisbee across the highway after midnight.
Thats something most people would not believe, but when talking with Hank Hoeft about a month ago he remembers that.

Since the tunnel closed at 2 AM, some of us (myself included) would often hop the fence and run across the highway to get either get back to Eastgate, or get back to campus rather than walking all they way around to North Avenue.”

Charles Hall writes:

“The chapter lived in a private dorm on 3rd Street – between Williams and Spring – (Williams at that location doesn’t exist any more) – the Tech Campus was accessible through a tunnel under the then 75/85 when it was three lanes in either direction.”

This is where the house first acquired the beloved Garlando, glass-bottomed italian pay foosball table still beloved of the chapter.

(Know more? Comment! We’d love memories and pictures from this era)

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