Brothers: 90’s

Class of 1990

Name Nickname Big Brother Major Url
Donald J. Acosta, Jr Fred Corsiglia
Fredrick A. Corsiglia Fred Beamer Paul Littman MatE
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Class of 1991

Name Nickname Big Brother Major Url
Vicent E. Davidson Vinnie the Pig Rob Schmidt Phys.
Joel E. Davis Propane Dave Garrity Biol

Class of 1992

Name Nickname Big Brother Major Url
Frank L. Alverson, III Tre’ Don Acosta
Thomas E. Bruner, Jr Don Acosta Arch
Christopher C. Clarke Q-Tip Andy Shelley ME
John L. Cu Dave Schmidt Arch
Gregory T. Dunn Toast Rob Schmidt EE
James T. Freaney Big Jim Slade Dave Schmidt Textile Chem
Robert D. Gaston Doom & Gloom Dave Garrity MatE
David P. Rideout Spacklin’ Dave Pete Thomas AE Home Page
R. Andrew Shelley Shells Dave Garrity ME
Pete L. Thomas A.W. Vicent Davidson AE

Class of 1993

Name Nickname Big Brother Major Email
Paul Chen Chester Kam EE
Peter Chen Cool Pete John Cu ME Home Page
James A. Flenniken, Jr ‘Droid Rob Gaston ChemE
B. Alan Fraser Opus Greg Dunn Mgmt
Eric V. Mikan Mikanator Brian Cummings EE
Jesse W. Norman Psycho John Cu ME
Howard K. Thompson The Duck Tom Bruner

Class of 1994

Name Nickname Big Brother Major Email
Matthew T. Chapman Joel Davis ChemE
P. Alexander Crawford Palex Toby Rider
Ralph V. Demeglio Barf Pete Thomas NE
David C. Garrity Sink
Capt. Redneck
Ryan Woodard Biol
Chester Kam Pretzel Boy Brian Cummings EE
Toby Rider Ernest Rob Gaston Arch work URL
Jeffery S. Stephens Stump Toby Rider Inta

Class of 1995

Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Wade T. Anderson The Good Son Toby Rider ME
Arlo J. Aude Snarlo Eric Mikan EE
Sunil A. Bhagia Sunman Pete Chen EE
Brian Niemeyer Niedermeyer Sunil A Bhagia CompE
E. James Rice, IV Waffle Chris Clarke Phys

Class of 1996

Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Michael D. Dasher Radar Ralph Demeglio CE
Brian R. Hill Trigger Toby Rider ME
Christopher M. Lawyer Teflon Chester Kam EE
James E. Mitchell Rico
Chester Kam Chem E
Benjamin F. Swofford Bono Mike Dasher Arch
Matthew S. Williams Gumby Paul Chen CS,Mgt

Class of 1997

Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Duncan P. Brennan Snipe Hunter D Mike Dasher Phys
Jeffrey C. Mikan Mikanator II Chester Kam Comp E
Thomas W. Moreland, III Thunder Chicken Ben Swofford ME

Class of 1998

Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
W. Kensington Bishop James Mitchell Psy
Louis T. Bouchard Pete Chen Phys
John S. Cater Katre Blake Sorensen Chem
Matthew C. Dinkins Dink Chester Kam CompE
James G. Dooley Flounder Ben Swafford
J. Christopher Farris Farrisite Matt S. Williams CS
D. Lucas Grote, II Orkin Man Wade Anderson ME
B. Alexander Hofelich Snuggles Brian Hill CE
C. Blake Sorensen Doorslam Matt Dinkins CS
Jacob I. Uihlein Catfish Brian Hill NE
Matthew J. Williams Pokey Jeff Stephens ME

Class of 1999

Name Nickname Big Brother Major URL
Kenneth B. Crouch HackRat Matt Dinkins CS
Sarah N. Rees Daisy Alex Hofelich CS
Eric A. Rosenzweig Rosencrantz David Kazanow CS
S. Patrick Sandiford Fuschia Avenger Alex Hofelich CS
Robert E. Solomon, Jr. Eeyore
Mr. Frank
Matt Dinkins STAC
Brandon E. Todd Beefcake Jacob Uihlein ChemE
Ching-Wei Wu Wayne James Mitchell IsyE

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