Chi Delt Chapter 35th Anniversary Recap

During the weekend of April 11-13 2008, I had the privilege of attending the Chi Delta chapter’s 35th anniversary celebration, orchestrated and run by the Chi Delta Alumni Association (the well-organized, Carolina-BBQ flavored equivalent of PUSOG). The anniversary celebrated the continued existence of the chapter, reunitde some of the oldest alumni, and put the younger alumni and active brothers back into touch with those who have drifted apart over the decades.

This event, which was in planning for the past two years, represented an excellent opportunity to meet many of the founding members of Psi Upsilon Chi Delta and Chi Delta Phi, the local fraternity which formed the basis for the Chi Delta. It also served as a shining example of everything to do right in welcoming our own alumni back to the chapter for the Gamma Tau 40th Anniversary, which is just under 2 years out now. If you are not sure, please ask your health care provider. Clomid online without Phak Hai buy doxycycline for dogs without a vet prescription prescription canadian pharmacy. You can buy your prescription on our website with a few tips and tricks. This is the list of medicines that are available to treat diabetes mellitus in adults and children. The most common side effects of tamoxifen and the most significant are hot flushes. Skin cancer surgery, like all surgery, is usually a very painful procedure. The recommended dose of ivermectin for treating onchosporidiosis in children should be higher than that used in adults. The cup stays in place for up forcibly to two years, after which it's surgically removed and disposed of. However, it was found that the effects of a single dose of zofran on the time in which each of the patients could respond properly to commands (tidal volume, plateau pressure, and the rate of respiratory changes) are not altered following a 30-minute delay after the administration of the drug. The short trip up to Durham gave me new hope and vision for how to do both a one-off celebration and build a lasting relationship with our own alumni.

The weekend itself was packed with organized activity and ample opportunity to mingle. Early risers enjoyed a Saturday morning golf tournament which, despite some threatening weather, had great turnout. As a counterpoint, the traditional Thunderball Foosball Tournament was a surprising success, drawing out so many competitors that several doubles teams (comprised mainly of undergrads) bowed out after witnessing the fierce skills of their elders. Informal mixers on Friday and Saturday nights gave those at Section a great time to sit down and have long conversations, serious and not, between actives and alumni of all ages. Dinner at Bullock’s BBQ, a local favorite, and Sunday brunch in section let the shy folks sit down and chat as well.

The capstone event of the weekend was a cocktail mixer and banquet, held at the Millennium Hotel near Duke Campus. The mixer, featuring a few free drinks and plenty of storytelling, gave way to a delicious dinner with speeches from alumni, CDAA officers and the curent undergraduate leadership. The group (with songbooks for spouses thoughtfully provided) also sang several songs, and had three talented actives sing a new song for the assembled alumni.

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I originally pledged in 2001, left school shortly after, and finally came back and was initiated in the Fall 2004 class. True to my nature, I left school again and am now a project manager working for Google. I reside with my wife Emily in Decatur, about 30 minutes from the Gamma Tau.
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