Fall Movie Fest and BBQ

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2016-09-16 20:00 - 2016-09-17 13:00
831 Techwood Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA, United States
Address: 831 Techwood Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA, United States

Starting Friday evening and going through the Vanderbilt football game, we're doing an overnight BBQ and movie marathon starting around 8 PM at our humble Psi Upsilon chapter house on Georgia Tech campus.

Feel free to come down to the house for movies as curated by Rob Solomon, or just feel free to come down around 11 AM Saturday (the game starts at 12:30) for BBQ provided by PUSOG and cooked by John Woehler and myself. Bringing a dish of your favorite bbq side is not required but always appreciated.

It is worth mentioning that parking at the house is getting difficult (well, more difficult), so take public transportation if possible, or contact us and we'll see if rides to local lots can be arranged.

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