Schedule for Alumni Weekend ’08

April 12-13
Saturday Morning (10:00-12:00) – Breakfast for the alums! Pancakes, eggs, “the works”.

Saturday Day (12:00-4:00) – If it is beautiful and sunny, we frolic in the park, with soft-balls and fris-bees. Harken to the old days!
– If it is terrible and rainy, we are at the house playing board and card games, possibly showing a movie against a wall – we’re going to drop a white sheet and shoot it from a projector. COME TO THE PARK IF IT’S SUNNY! IF NOT, THINGS CAN STILL BE FUNNY, IF YOU COME TO THE HOUSE FOR MOVIES, HONEY.

Saturday Even’ing (4:00-5:00)The second annual chili cookoff!
– Austin delivers a “State of the Chapter” address.

Saturday Night (5:00 and beyond) – Hanging with alum.

Sunday Day (1:00-on) – To Ted’s Montana Grill! Reservations are being made for MANY.

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