2008 Donors

__(Name This Level) ($2500+)

the This Period Intentionally Omitted level (Named by Joseph McCaskill) ($2499-$2000)

Joseph “Mad Joe” McCaskill, ΧΔ, ΓΤ

Bovine Benefactor (Named by Sean Caulfield) ($1999-$1500)

___(Michael G-H gets to Name This Level) ($1499-$1000)

Sean Caulfield ΓΤ’05

Michael Grosse-Hülsewiesche ΓΤ’04

Grand Happy Monkey ($999-500)

Jesse Joe Scherer ΓΤ’05

Amelia Vogel ΓΤ’02

Golden Frog Patron ($499-$300)

Cliff Edmisten ΓΤ’00

Squid Benefactor ($299-$200)

David Eger ΓΤ’03

Lee Hall ΓΤ’01

Brian R. Hill ΓΤ’96

Will Moss ΓΤ’03

Fighting Force Ninja ($199-$100)

Fred Corsiglia ΓΤ’90

John Dubberly ΓΤ’88

Rebecca Howie ΓΤ’03

Sarah R. Moore ΓΤ’99

Ben Phillips ΓΤ’04

John “Otis” Statham ΓΤ’82

Louis Stavrides ΓΤ’02

Alan Stoll ΓΤ’04

Aloomnis ($99-$20)

Heather Burns ΓΤ’00

Jonathan “Atari” Chaffin ΓΤ’00

Cory Harrison

David Kazanow ΓΤ’03

Jon D Langeland ΓΤ’02

Ross Meltz ΓΤ’03

Justin Melvin ΓΤ’05

Jeff Mikan ΓΤ’97

Sam Smith ΓΤ’05

Robert English Solomon ΓΤ’99

Paul Travis ΓΤ’02

Carrie Woehler ΓΤ’01

John Woehler ΓΤ’03

Matt “Gumby” Williams ΓΤ’96

Matthew Yanetti ΓΤ’08

P-Points Donor ($19.70)

(Modest? Shy? You can always request that your donation be listed as “Anonymous”)

Special Thanks:

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To Matt “Gumby” Williams ΓΤ’96, Sam Smith ΓΤ’05, Ross Meltz ΓΤ’03 of EquitySmart Mortgage for their time and experience organizing the Spring ’08 calling campaign.

To Chirley Quillian for manning the phones during the Spring ’08 calling campaign.

To Anastasia Nienow, and Enrique Santos for their parts in organizing Alumni Weekend ’08.

To Jeff Mikan, Hammad Khan, Laura King, Jessie Joe Scherer, and Jonathan Chaffin for organizing/defraying the Aug 2 ’08 steering committee meeting.

To Ben “Brain” Tripp, for a metric tonne of Mt. Dew for rush.

To Jonathan “Atari” and Allison Chaffin for zombies for battlenight of rush.

To Jesse Joe for a new toilet in the former ‘ool room.

To Matt Williams, Ross Meltz, Sam Smith, Hammad Khan, Rebecca Howie, and all the actives for making the Oct calling campaign a success.

To all the alumni and actives who donated food and drink to make Homecoming 2008 a marvelous experience.

To all the actives and alumni who make this such a worthwhile fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.

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