2016 Summer BBQ Fundraiser

As you may have heard, PUSOG has ordered $50,000 in repairs to the Chapter Haus, including replacement of the back stairwell, new tile in the kitchen, and new doors, to be performed over the summer. However, the Haus is in need of quite a bit more work. In an effort to continue our fundraising, PUSOG will be once again hosting a BBQ, with proceeds going to the Capitol Campaign project to renovate the front of the Haus! Please join us on Saturday, July 23 beginning at 7:00pm at Becca’s House!

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Tickets are as follows:

Undergrad and first year alumnus: $19.70
(Includes food and non-alcoholic beverages)

Teetotaler level: $30.00
(Includes food and non-alcoholic beverages)

Bit o’ Grog level: $60.00
(Includes wine and beer)

Craft Cocktails at Beamer’s Bar level: $150.00
(Includes serious cocktails)

Tickets may be purchased at the PayPal link at the top of the page by including a note in your donation, by sending a check to PUSOG c/o Rebecca Howie, or by contacting Becca to arrange credit card or check payment (e-mail BeccaHowie at gmail.com ).

For more information on the Capitol Campaign, please go to https://pusog.org/goals-2/pusog-capital-campaign-special-report/

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