2010 Donors

Last year we had 49 donors raise more than $11,677.20.
This year we are hoping for a 10% increase in both donors and funds raised; 54 donors and $12,855.00.

Progress towards this year’s goals
__(Name this Level!) ($3000+)

(to be Named by Anonymous2) ($2500-2999)

the This Period Intentionally Omitted level (Named by Joseph McCaskill) ($2499-$2000)
Joseph “Mad Joe” McCaskill, ΧΔ, ΓΤ (3)

Bovine Benefactor (Named by Sean Caulfield) ($1999-$1500)

Golden Cogwheel(Named by Michael G H and Anon.1) ($1499-$1000)
Sean Caulfield ΓΤ’05 (3)

Grand Happy Monkey ($999-500)
Michael Grosse Huelsewiesche ΓΤ’04 (3)

Golden Frog Patron ($499-$300)
Cliff Edmisten ΓΤ’00 (3)
Justin Melvin ΓΤ’05 (3)

Squid Benefactor ($299-$200)
Larry Fine ΓΤ’02 (2)
Rebecca Howie ΓΤ’03 (3)
Alan Stoll ΓΤ’04 (3)

Fighting Force Ninja ($199-$100)
Tom Culpepper ΓΤ’??
Jessica Frame ΓΤ’03 (3)
Jon D Langeland ΓΤ’02 (3)
Ross Meltz ΓΤ’0? (3)
Jenn Roper ΓΤ’03 (2)
Corey Slate ΓΤ’05 (2)
“K” Woehler ΓΤ’01 (2)
John “QJ” Woehler ΓΤ’03 (2)

Notes: Everyone who donates a total of $100 or more will receive a silver-tone PUSOG lapel pin.
Aloomnis ($99-$20)
Bobby King III ΓΤ’1?
Jeff Kwasha ΓΤ’02
Drew Stevens ΓΤ’?? (?)

P-Points Donor
Chirley Quillian ΓΤ’11 (2)
Jay Zuerndorfer ΓΤ’??

(Modest? Shy? You can always request that your donation be listed as “Anonymous”)

Special Thanks:

To all the actives and alumni who make this such a worthwhile fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.

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