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2008 Donor Thanks Shirt, designed by Atari, printed by Ken This 4 color shirt was produced as a thank you for the major donors to the 2008 PUSOG Annual Fund.

Bring Back Brain shirt front, designed by Atari, 2003 Bring Brack Brain shirt back, designed by Atari, 2003 Bring Brack Brain shirt back, designed by Atari, circa 2003. Designed to honor Brain (Ben Tripp) at the request of Paul Travis. Maybe I can get a scan of the original flyer up here. Shirt was also produced in black on black and pink on pink. For those curious, the thing in Brain’s mouth is his horrible omnipresent toothpick.Ed.–*shudder*
This shirt is an abomination.

One sided 3 color shirt designed for Around The World. The images of the owls are taken from a flyer for a early 20th century fraternity “smoker” event. The larger owl has since seen new life as “Sterling Good-owl”, a mascot for PUSOG. Around the World IV, designed by Atari, 2002

Thunderball Thunderball This shirt commemorated the Chi Delta alumni weekend foosball tourney of 2000. Several Gamma Tau Psi Us made the trip up and competed in the tournament as well.

This shirt commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Gamma Tau chapter. The gold is actually a metallic gold ink; very nice looking. 30th Anniversary Shirt 30th Anniversary Shirt

1998 1998 Over the years there have been several different designs of Psi U jerseys. The ones ordered circa 98 are a deep purple/red and featured goldenrod ringers on the sleeve, and no ringer on the neck.
1994 Alex Hofelich says: I have a garnet collar and yellow ringers on the sleeves. Got mine in
either fall ’93 or spring ’94. The letters on the front are outlined
in black, which was an optional customization.”

Heaven & Hell 98 Heaven & Hell 98 Heaven and Hell shirt. This shirt depicts Dante’s levels of hell on the front (modified to include 2 more), and the Led Zepplin “Icarus” figure impaled on the Tech Camponile on the back beneath the legend “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here”. ed.– Misquote. The original is Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”.
from Dante’s Inferno, Canto 3, line 9. It translates as either “All hope abandon, ye who enter in !”(Longfellow) or “Abandon every hope, who enter here!”(Mandelbaum).
Printed red on black, or in a limited edition of 3, red on white.
ed. –Pictures from the collection of Alex Hofelich. Evidently that’s where the third white shirt ended up.
Heaven & Hell 98 Heaven & Hell 98

Psi Upsilon: Beyond Thunderdome. Designed for the pledge party of fall 1997. The typeface is Excocet; famous at the time due to the popularity of “Diablo”. The shirt is only printed on the back. Psi U Thunderdome

1997 Owl Rush Shirt 1997 Owl Rush Shirt Designed for Rush 1997. ed. — Actually, a misquote. The original quote is “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”
– From Mark Twain’s notebook, 1904

1996 No Labels Shirt 1996 No Labels Shirt Designed for Rush 1996.

1993 No Labels Shirt 1993 No Labels Shirt Designed for Rush 1993. Mike Dasher writes: “Geez, I’d totally forgotten about that shirt. I can’t remember who came up with the No Labels tagline. It had to do with the fact that Psi U was very accepting no matter who you were. The barcode came from a box of tampons. We should have used Trojans! As to who came up with it, I think it was a combination of folks. I was in on it, which would mean that Jake [Uihlein] and Ben [Swofford] were.

ed. — I’m told the barcode was xeroxed off a box of Kotex at Kroger.

Ed.– I know I’m missing a Psi U Goes to Hell shirt, and probably a few others. Anyone have any to add?

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