Donations for 2010 accomplish:

  1. Encourage the networking of the Psi Upsilon alumni in Georgia and around the world through events such as Alumni Weekend, Founder’s Day, and holiday celebrations.
  2. Support the Gamma Tau chapter by developing a long-term plan to upgrade and provide better stewardship for the house.
  3. Increase PUSOG involvement with the international fraternity by attending convention and involvement with other events.

General yearly finances:

  1. House Operations Account
  2. Donations Account
  3. PUSOG Dues

House Ops Account:
All the money taken in from rent and parlor fees which is then spent to pay utilities, ethernet, insurance, maintenance, and property taxes.

Donations Account:
All the money taken in from donations. Used for large ticket projects for which substantial savings are needed. The current longterm project is the complete overhaul of the upstairs shower and bathroom.

All the money collected in dues, used to fulfill the budget adopted at the Fall PUSOG semi-annual assembly.

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