Chili Cookoff!

The Whateverith Annual Chili Cookoff List of Entrants
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Italian Chili
lol sausage party Entrant: Michael “moogle” Huelsewiesche, ΓΤ ’05
Description: Italian sausage, pepperoni, and garlic! And maybe a little balsamic vinegar, if experiments go well…
Surprise Entry Change!
The Magnificent My-Oh-Mayan Melange
One way that it is unlike your mother is that it doesn\'t sleep with lots of men. Entrant: David “kaz” Kazanow, ΓΤ ’03
Description: It’s Hot! It’s Sweet! It’s Salty! It’s like your mother in many other ways as well!
Tiki-House DUM-DUM Ho’owela Chili
Well of course Atari\'s is prettier he\'s a reakin fartist Entrant: Jonathan “Atari” Chaffin, ΓΤ ’03
Description: A spicy Caribbean/Polynesian chicken chili.
Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire!
He has to use a cane because he was crippled in an advanced gluteal tuba maneuver Entrant: John “Q.J.” Woehler, ΓΤ ’03
Description: Smokey chili! and uh… Stuff…
Moo Cow, Don’t Bother Me
The reason this carrot is being punished is that it ate some chili and became flatulent in an elevator.  Yes, a carrot elevator, smarty. Entrant: Matt “Zeus” Morris, ΓΤ ’07
Description: Keep the cow away today with my delicious, sweet vegan chili! Know what TVP is? Wanna know? *g*
Lamian’s Delicious Chili
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Description: Everything is better with Beer and Chocolate, even Chili.
Georgia Peach Chili
Peaches look kinda like butts, so I guess that counts as a fart joke Entrant:
Mandie Smith, ΓΤ ’01
It’s A Chili… With peaches

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