PUSOG Assembly Minutes: 7 Nov 2009

Minutes of the 7 Nov 2009 Assembly of the Psi Upsilon Society of Georgia

Summary of Action Items:

Jesse: Contact voting Members to ratify a budget for 2010.

Summary of Ideas for Next Time:

A copy of the mortgage shall be symbolically burned at the next Assembly.

Offer a teleconference option for out-of-town alumni.

In attendance:

Sean Caulfield

Jonathan Chaffin

Geoff Emmer

Charles Hall

Alex Hoeflich

Becca Howie

Joseph McCaskill

Anastasia Nienow

Trevor Register

Jennifer Roper

Jesse Scherer

Call to Order: 1:30 PM

The start time of the meeting was held back to account for traffic around the football game.

As the meeting came to order, introductions were made.


Fundraising numbers, including comparisons of donations to International between the Gamma Tau, Chi Delta, and Epsilon Iota chapters, were presented. We saw year-over-year improvement  in both number and size of donation to PUSOG. Our pledges helped greatly with the calling campaign this fall. Also of note is that the Chi Delta sees outstanding donation levels at the International level, presumably as a result of actively encouraging their actives to donate to the 1833 club.

Operational Finances.

We reviewed the operational finances of the Corporation. We have cash on hand to cover immediate expenses, and need about half of this semester’s outstanding rent in order to break even through the end of the year. Rent payment rates are relatively strong, but parlor fee payment remains weak. The Board plans to engage further with the chapter on understanding of the purpose of parlor fees, and on improving payment rates.

The mortgage will be paid in full as of the March 2010 payment. All debts are planned to be discharged by the end of 2010. We plan to burn the mortgage at the Spring 2010 Assembly as part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations.

As quorum was not reached at the Assembly, a new budget could not be ratified for 2010. Over the next weeks, the Board will be contacting all voting members to resolve this matter.

The House.

A summary of recent and current maintenance efforts were recounted. Of note was that one downstairs breaker panel is quite old, leading to difficulty in breaker replacement.

The architectural proposal by Hug & Associates was presented to the Alumni. The two serious contractor proposals were reviewed. Current contractor proposals place a complete bathroom renovation around $50,000.

Social Items.

Options for a formal event for the 40th Anniversary, presumably to be held in the Fall of 2010, were presented.

A committee to plan for the 40th will be meeting on November 15th. Those interested should contact K Woeler.

Extensive brainstorming for 40th Anniversary activities is recorded separately. From current planning it appears PUSOG would front about $15,000 for a gala-type event.

The 2009 International Convention was reviewed. Brief mention of plans to conduct a road trip to Urbana, IL for the 2010 Convention was made.

The PUSOG Holiday Party is to be held on December 6th. Pricing will be reduced from $30 to $10 for “Dues-Paying Members” — those who have donated $100 this year. The old and new archons will be invited, along with all alumni and guests.

Chapter Mentorship.

The goalsetting retreat, hosted by the chapter and coordinated by International, was reviewed and discussed.

Brother Emmer presented the current state of the chapter. The spring GPA was 3.1 among 40 actives and 5 temporary alumni. The chapter currently hosts 23 pledges. Homecoming participation was light, hampered by deadline misses.

Alumni Achievement.

Two nominees for the Alumni Achievement award, Marrion Baggett, GT ’73 and Ben “Pynk” Phillips, GT ’02, were presented. The decision was forwarded to the Board, with the hope of inviting the winner to speak at the Holiday Party.

Review of Action Items. New Business.

All Action Items from the previous Assembly were reviewed. No new business was raised.

Closing: 4:00 PM

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