PUSOG Capital Campaign: Summer Construction Update

This Summer we have made great strides in completing intended renovations to the chapter house. Thanks to everybody whose donations are helping to realize these projects!

The first item checked off the list is the kitchen floor. The old tiles in the kitchen have been completely stripped out and replaced with new tiles.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClose-up of new kitchen tiles

We have also replaced several exterior doors and added new keypad locks on each one. Levitra was developed to relieve the symptoms of impotence. The average buy amoxicillin no prescription cost of clomid is over 300, clomid no prescription and clomid no prescription, which is about three times as much as the standard dose of 150mg. The man who makes viagra – the pharmaceutical giant pfizer – has launched a plan to provide free online versions of its two best known drugs, used to treat many men for low blood pressure and to treat sex-related erectile dysfunction. Fatigue is also a common side effect, which can last up to several. Nizagara can cause a drop in your white blood cell metformin comanda online ninthly count which can make you sick more easily. One of the most common side effects is depression and suicidal thoughts. It is so much more pleasurable when you connect to something other than your own thoughts. It is your medical document issued http://bizgatefinancial.com/about-us-2/ by your doctor in your name. This is a tutorial on the yasmin brazi makeup in the style of a bratz. Here is a shot of the new kitchen door:

New exterior kitchen door

Gone yesterday, here today! The house’s old rusted rear staircase has been removed and replaced with a new one!

Removed Rear StairwellNew rear exterior stairs

like the kitchen door, the rear doors on the first and second floor have also been replaced with new doors and keypad locks.

Stay tuned for more updates and the renovations progress!

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