Psi U built electric car Circa 1993

Psi U built electric car Circa 1993

Note: This one wasn’t for the ramblin’ wrek parade, but for an interschool competition.

Well, Steven Marzec up front, me, Lucas and Brian Cox were involved in converting a diesel Rabbit into a pure electric vehicle, as part of a inter-school competition.  And, it worked, too, though right at the end we failed to compete (and we were totally bummed) because of some last minute missing roll bar (if memory serves, I think we were working hard to try and just make it work and clean it up, we forgot the roll bar).

It was a pretty good project, especially considering that support was minimal and lots of it came out of pocket.  I think we all learned a ton coming out of that.  I still have the T-shirt somewhere, I believe.  I think if we had one marketing guy, we’d have been real butt kickers.

1998-1999 Ramblin’ Wrek Parade entries.

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