Full House Cleanup Recap – Monday & Tuesday

With Summer coming to a close and Rush Week around the corner it’s time for the annual Full House Cleanup Week. The past two mornings had some people out in the front weeding to maintain the garden that was put in place last Full House Cleanup Week and others in the backyard leveling an area for where we hope to put a new tool shed. We’ve also hired a pest inspector at https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/minnesota/ to check for pests and termites. Inside the house a group of brothers went through the brother’s room organizing all the books by subject and getting rid of the extra multiples of books. A crew of people inspected all the smoke detectors in the house to make sure that they were working and checked to make sure all the rooms had one. Fire escape plans were also made to go up around the upstairs and downstairs. The laundry loft was also rebuilt and the laundry room was also cleaned up some. Since we have about 30-something actives a new stage was erected in order to put an extra couch on to help add more seating for meetings. Some brothers checked on the lighting fixtures in the house and others did research on getting new locks for all the outside doors to help better the house’s security. A plumber was also asked to stop by to see what needed to be done to put a working bathroom downstairs and should be back on Thursday to look at the pipes underneath the floor and hopefully we will have a new downstairs bathroom in time for Rush.

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