More Flags… More Fun!

Come join the horde of PUSOG members and affiliates descending on Six Flags Over Georgia – Sunday May 3rd!

Bring the whole family, all of your friends or even the whole neighborhood for a day of fun at our local amusement park.


Purchase your tickets through PUSOG and help us raise money for house projects.

The more people attending, the more fun we all have, and the more money we raise!

The buttons broke. To purchase tickets, please use the donation button

Pay only the standard gate rate (inc. tax) – $43 for adults, $33 for kids 2+

Number of Tickets
1 Adult Ticket $43.002 Adult Tickets $86.003 Adult Tickets $129.004 Adult Tickets $172.005 Adult Tickets $215.006 Adult Tickets $258.00


Number of Child Tickets
1 Child Ticket $33.002 Child Tickets $66.003 Child Tickets $99.004 Child Tickets $132.005 Child Tickets $165.006 Child Tickets $198.00


Unfortunately, parking is a separate charge at the park.

We’re meeting at the Psi U house at 9:30am to carpool – or meet us at 10:00 at the gate.

Gates open from 10:30am – 8pm.


Tickets can be purchased through the site up through May 1st.

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