State of the PUSOG Website

Despite what the post-info might say above, this post is dated July 7th 2024.

Apparently, all of the news posts we have made about anything between 2013 and 2024 have fallen off the news feed in some sort of digital conflagration. Indeed, this post is a modification of whatever random post ended up at the top of the newsfeed after the issue. The old homepage exists at , but it is not clear at this time how we intend to fix the website.

Rest assured that the Psi Upsilon Society of Georgia, the Gamma Tau Chapter of Psi Upsilon at Georgia Tech, and the chapter house at 831 Techwood Avenue are all doing well; Hopefully our webiste will come back around in due time. Please note the Donation link on the right side of the page is still accurate and working at this time.

Apologies for any confusion ~ the PUSOG Board of Directors, July 2024

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