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July 26th.

So, you want to try your hand at being a tinpot dictator? Sign Up to run a country at Around The World 2008.

If you are familiar with past incarnations of this event, you will of course be well aware that our definition of what may be defined as a country is looser most, but here are some brief and highly biased guidelines. Feel free to add to or dispute them in the comments.

  • Do pick something that will be fun for more than just you
  • Do realize that you’ll be feeding etc. potentially lots of people
  • DO involve at least 2 people in creating and staffing a country, unless you like spending a lot of money to sit at a table all night while everyone else has fun and throws broken bottles at you
  • Do have a toy to give away


  • DON’T pick a country that only exists in an Anime
  • DON’T pick a country whose ‘game’ involves the TV and controllers. (I’m talking to you, DDR-Landia)
  • DON’T commit to a country that you are not willing to keep staffed all night.

Anyway, go here to host a country.


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