Tailgating on Tech Campus, Sat, Oct 25th

Greetings, folks!

GaTech Homecoming fast approaches!

Looks like the game starts at 1:30. 3ish,  Tailgating before the homecoming
football game will occur all day in the parking lot and deck area of
831 Techwood Dr; the chapter house.  Food, snacks, and beer are all
pot luck.

WHO’S BRINGING WHAT: (Please add your name to the list)

Atari Chaffin – a couple dozen deviled eggs
Sounds like old school radio it will have to be, barring portable
magical satellite dish.



Steve King

Atari – deviled eggs, hotdogs


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K, QJ, Kaz – baked goods

Sean – pie

Corey – maybe beef brisket

Twitch – beer

Thorn – snacks and sodas, plates/napkins and stuff.

Ross – OK, so I will bring a couple dozen whores, I mean burgers… and buns.

Bobby King – Mac n cheese

Mad Joe –

Louie Bouchard –

Pauli –

Mandie –

Alex –
Parking is limited; park where you can, perhaps take Marta down.

Here are some more links about homecoming.

http://www.gtalumni.org/pages/hcgeneralinformation (note: This is
also the year for the class of 1983 Reunion)

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