Jessejoe is alive and sane

I reckon a good many know I’m alive, since I wander by the house often enough on my way home from work.

I’ve been working at a little .com called Google for a few years, and am currently doing infrastructure project management. For the normal humans, that means I get buildings built out and filled up on a schedule and budget.

I’m living out in Decatur (30 minutes east of Tech) with my wife Emily, a roommate, a couple of cats, and 200 gallons of fishtank.

My hobbies include the aforementioned fish, hiking (if you’re reading this, I want to go hiking with you. hit me up) and various geeky nonsense.

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About jessejoe

I originally pledged in 2001, left school shortly after, and finally came back and was initiated in the Fall 2004 class. True to my nature, I left school again and am now a project manager working for Google. I reside with my wife Emily in Decatur, about 30 minutes from the Gamma Tau.
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