Pynk is wandering the plains of the midwest

I married a cute redhead named Alice and we moved to Iowa City (not actually in that order), where she’s studying for her Art History PhD and I’m mainly working on Pseudopod, which I’m proud to say is now the world’s largest horror fiction market, by audience size. (Apparently, these days more people will download free audio fiction and then donate if they like it, rather than buy fiction magazines.) I’m the editor, which is to say I’m in charge of managing everyone, I have final say over which stories we use, and I occasionally narrate as well.

As much fun as this is, I’ll probably have to go get a day job again in the very near future, doing something really exciting like software QA. I’m just job searching for now. And drinking. You know how it is.

So life is boring, but good. I wish I could make it to alumni weekend. Maybe next year. Have fun!

Oh yeah, anybody who’s going to WisCon or Gen Con, leave a comment and let me know.

Ben “Pynk” Phillips ’02

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Psi U Gamma Tau 2002, now residing in Iowa City.
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