Alumni Weekend 2008 recap

Alumni Weekend Group Photo
More details will be posted here by friday, April 25th. But until then know it was a huge success, more than 20 alumni came to visit, several thousand dollars in donations were raised, and a good time was had.

The chilicook off went smashingly, with 8 entries.
The oldest and youngest members of each house and clan acted as judges. The awards went to:

Beaniest: Peach Chili – Mandie Smith, ΓΤ ‘01
Hottest:”Joe’s Special” Steak Chili – Paul Travis, ΓΤ ‘01
Tastitudeousest: The Anti-Chili – Ross Meltz, ΓΤ ‘02
Meatiest: Steak Chili – Paul Travis, ΓΤ ‘01
Awesomest: Steak Chili – Paul Travis, ΓΤ ‘01

Alumni Weekend 08

Chili Cookoff!

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